Sunday, November 25, 2007

A night out with iFriends

Last night I had a glorious night out, including California Pizza Kitchen, talk about labor and delivery and iFriends. It was fabulous, except for the labor and delivery talk. Not that I have a problem talking about it. Apparently I DON'T have a problem talking about my "womanly parts" with virtual strangers. I can't even blame it on the liquor. Poor Tara.

If you'd like to see pictures on this blog, you're shit out of luck. I didn't take any. You can check out Krista. I would tell you to check out Sara, but she has cut me out of the picture. It must have been all that vagina talk.


Anonymous said...

I checked out the pics and it looks like it was fun! But would have been WAY more fun if I'd have been there. ;)

Jess P said...

You are definitely invited next time, Sarah. Yay for you moving to Gtown!