Monday, October 1, 2007


Not me, some guy that used to work for us. By us, I mean my dad, but I'm the office manager there, so I consider it a "we" kind of effort.

This guy started for us as a mason laborer. Not an easy job. It requires a lot of hard physical labor. As long as you show up everyday and work, you're pretty much considered a top employee. Well, this guy decided that he didn't want to work for us anymore, so one morning at break, he went to take a pee and never came back. He didn't even call until he decided he wanted his paycheck. Actually, his MOTHER called me. We had quite the little chat (ahem, arguement) about why she would not be coming in to get his paycheck. Guess how old this guy is? No, not 18...29!

Now, he decided that he wants some unemployment. There is the slight problem, though, that you can't get unemployment if you quit. How does he solve this problem? He tells unemployment we fired him. Ok, genius, do you not think that unemployment checks with the employers to make sure you really did get fired? So now I have a boatload of extra paperwork because this dumbass wants to sit around and get pain to do nothing. Oye.

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