Friday, August 10, 2007

Real World

So I watched the first episode of the new Real World (Sydney) tonight. What a trainwreck. I admit I wasn't paying too close of attention to it, but really, they picked some interesting people. By interesting, I mean crazy.

I cannot believe that people still want to be on this show. Is there really a lot of appeal in baring your worst qualities on television? I supposed everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, but come on people. Its the first episode and two girls get in a fight. Here is how it goes

Girl 1:I really don't like getting up to a dirty kitchen. (
Girl 2: Well, I'll clean it.
Girl 1: You should have cleaned it last night. I'm only cleaning it because I hate dirty kitchens
Girl 2: Thats fine, but I'm not going to act like you're Mother Theresa or something. You did it voluntarily
Girl 1: I know. I don't like dirty kitchens. I'm really irritated right now (Wait, do you like dirty kitchens? I'm not sure)
Girl 2: Do you want some ointment for that irritation? (Oohhh. Burn!)
Girl 1: No, but I'd really like you to get a personality
Guy sitting at counter: That was a little uncalled for.

Really. Get a personality. All because you don't like a dirty kitchen and had to clean it up. I'd bet $50 that she just wanted someone to either
a: tell her how great she is for cleaning up a mess thast not her own OR
b: get mad at the girl who made the mess

or both. For crying out loud.

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Danica said...

I don't understand why I subject myself to this show either. I've watched every season since the first one though. Addicted much? Yup. :)