Monday, August 6, 2007

Book club

I just got back from my monthly book club. This club was started by several women from the Milwaukee board on I know what you are thinking. Yes, they are my "internet friends". At first I was a little freaked to admit that I had internet friends. Now I'll shout it from the rooftops with pride. Some of these women have become my closest friends. I've shared deeply personal experiences with them. I've shared the process of learning how to parent. I go to these women for advice. It may not be the most conventional way of meeting friends, but I am so glad I came across this board. I feel like I have created friendships with these women, and it makes me happy.

Back to book club. I guess I want to rave about these people some more. I can't tell you how much I look forward to the first monday of each month. Don't get me wrong. I love being a mother and a wife, but book club allows me a guaranteed night to escape that. We have witty and intelligent conversation (sometimes about the book, sometimes not), we eat good food and drink good wine. Its my kind of social event. I think I was born to be in a book club.


Elizabeth said...

I think you were born to be in book club, too. What an awesome book you picked! (says the girl who didn't read it...) I loved the conversation that was born last night and even though I didn't participate much (or at all) I really appreciated what everyone had to say. You, particularly, had some incredibly interesting insights. (How's that for alliteration?)

Sara said...

I want to join book club!!!! I don't have school on Mondays this fall. Am I allowed?