Thursday, August 23, 2007


Tonight, as the 3rd Packers preseason game was about to come on, my husband reminded me that Annelise has yet to experience the wonder that is football. I cannot tell you how excited it made me. One of my favorite things to do on saturdays is to curl up in front of the TV and watch college football. I often repeat this activity on sunday with pro football. I cannot wait to share this with my daughter.

This realization also made me a little sad. It was my mom who taught me to love football. She was a diehard Packer fan. When I say diehard, I mean DIEHARD. I think she even freaked my dad out a little with how excited she would get. When I was little, watching football on sundays was something we did together. It was practically a ritual to make some snacks, get some sodas (or a beer for mom) and park ourselves in front of the tv for 3 hours. It was one of the few times on the weekends I didn't hear "Its nice out, get your butt outside."

My mom learned her love of football from her mom, my Gram. We spent a lot of sundays and Gram and Gramps house, watching football and ordering chinese from Harvey Moys. When I decided to attend Purdue for college, the first of my family to attend a Big Ten college, my gramsaid "Oh Jess, I love that Drew Brees. I gotta call my friends and brag!" (For those who don't know, Drew Brees was Purdue's quarterback the year I started there, 2000.) My parents came down to attend a football game on Parent's weekend my freshman year. My mom was so excited to see a football game in a stadium that she practically peed her pants.

Thats what I loved about my mom though, she was passionate about the things she loved. What makes me sad is that I learned to love football from my Gram and my mom. I always thought my mom and I would pass that same love on to my daughter. I don't often feel sorry for myself for losing my mom, because I have so many other wonderful blessings in my life. But I feel sad for Annelise that she won't get those sunday afternoons with take out chinese like I did.


Molly said...

Just wanted to say - your posts are excellent, and so heartfelt. I'm really loving your blog. It is clear you know what is important in life!

Maybe one day your daughter will read it as this wonderful diary of her mother when she was in infant.

With that said, Go PACK!

Anonymous said...

I just realized I left my comment on the wrong post.

Danica said...

Aw Jess, this was such a touching tribute to your mom. And Annelise WILL get football with chinese takeout...what a great thing to share with her once she gets older. :)

Erin Nevicosi said...

What a sweet post. My mom is a die hard Packers fan, too, and my grandma is also "Gram." How great that you can share their love of the game with your own daughter now.

With that said, today's the first regular season game!

Also, I see you're reading Eat Pray Love right now. Will you let me know how you liked it when you're done? It's on my list of books I want to read right now ...

Sierra said...

That was such a sweet post Jess!

In other news...I'm psyched I have another blog to stalk.

Anonymous said...

Aw, sweet post!

Just wanted to say hi. I was wondering how you guys were doing with the move and everything. Hope all's well!